Aarons Dri​ving School​​​​​
                                     Tel: 07721 596241

Tution Hours:​

Monday :                                   1000 - 1800
Tuesday - Thursday :         1400 - 1800
Friday:                                        1300 - 1700
Saturday:                                  1000 - 1800
Sunday:                                      1000 - 1800

Lessons outside these times may be available depending on my availability.
                                                            Terms and Conditions of Aarons Driving School
Your Driving licence
All clients must hold a valid, signed current provisional or full driving licence that will entitle them to drive wit in the UK. The photo card part of the driving licence must be produced at the first lesson for details to be taken. You will then be ask to produce a copy of your counterpart of your licence which is available online, (details of how to obtain this click” share licence ). Any clients whom may receive points or endorsements of any kind on their licence during their period of tuition must inform their driving instructor immediately.
Your Driving Fitness
It will be the client’s responsibility to ensure they are fit to drive, this will include being able to meet the eyesight requirement. If you are required to wear prescription spectacles or contact lenses for driving, these must be worn at all times. Should the client have any medical condition, disability or injury that may affect their ability or entitlement to drive, they must inform their driving instructor as soon as they are aware immediately.           
The driving instructor will reserve the right to cancel a lesson at short notice if the client is suspected he or she may be unfit due to the effects of
Alcohol, drugs (prescription or otherwise) or of any other condition that may or would cause his/her driving to be dangerous or illegal. The driving Instructor reserves the right to request the client undertake a test to determine their fitness. This may involve a Alcohol breathalyser or Drug testing kit. Should the client refuse such a test, then the test may be cancelled and be charged for.
The client must wear suitable footwear, you must be able to feal the pedals and secure as to not fall or slip off your feet whilst driving  along with clothing that does not restrict your movement or impede their ability to drive in a safe manner.
Your Behaviour
No verbal or physical abuse in any form will be tolerated by the driving instructor, whether it is directed at the driving instructor, an examiner or any other road user. If it is deemed to be in the driving instructor’s opinion to be inappropriate to continue because of the client’s behaviour, the driving instructor reserves the right to cancel /terminate the lesson. The full lesson fee will be deemed to be forfeited.
 Payments for Lessons
All lessons must be paid for either in advance or at the start of the lesson, no credit will be offered. Payments are to be made by CASH or DEBIT Card ONLY . Cheques are only accepted for Block Bookings and paid at start. PLEASE NOTE, Cheques that are returned unpaid will not be represented, immediate payment on next lesson will be required in cash or Card at the start for previous and  next before commencing.
If a refund for any lessons that are not taken within a block booking, will be made at the discretion of the driving instructor. However, refunds can only be given once the full individual hourly lesson rate has been deducted for each lesson already taken.
  Postponement / cancellation of a lesson or test
The driving instructor reserves the right to postpone a lesson at short notice due to illness, mechanical breakdown or some other emergency or unforeseen circumstance. An alternative appointment shall be offered or made with mutual consent and any fees paid in advance will be carried forward. The driving instructor will where possible give notice of any rearrangement or postponement of the lesson within the same time limit as the driving school imposes upon a client postponing or cancelling a lesson.
If the client does not keep or give a minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation of their appointment the driving instructor reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee. It will be at the driving instructors discretion to decide if a full lesson fee will be payable.
Your attention of clients is drawn to the fact that there is a statutory period of notice required under government regulation for the cancellation or postponement of a test. Aarons Driving School cannot be responsible for the loss of any test fees, should the client fail to notify the test booking office, nor be held responsible for any postponement or cancellation of a test by the testing authority.
It will your responsibility to check with the driving instructor as to whether he or she is available for the day you wish to book as no responsibility will be taken by Aarons Driving School for any driving tests booked at times when the driving instructor is unavailable. The driving instructor may also reserve the right to withhold the use of the school car for any test, if in their opinion the client is not at a driving test standard, medically unfit (including their eyesight), or under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.
The driving instructor will normally wait for up to 10 minutes before the lesson, Text or call you before the lesson is abandoned, the lesson fee be forfeited or will become payable by the client. In the same instance the client should reciprocate the waiting time as it may become necessary should the driving instructor become delayed by unforeseen circumstances. Any delayed time may be made up at the end of the normal lesson time if possible or at a later lesson. The Instructor will either Text or Call you to explain the reason for a delay.
​Abandoned lesson fee after the first instance on arrival at pick up point of client         £ 24.00
Notification to cancel a lesson within 2 hours of booked time without justification     £ 24.00 
 Lessons in your own car
All driving lessons will normally be conducted in the driving school car, as this car has Dual controls fitted. Lessons will only be given in clients own car after an initial driving assessment in the  driving school car has been conducted and only on the condition that the following is provided:
Client’s car must be legally roadworthy, taxed and insured.
Client’s car must be insured for the use of the driving instructor to give professional driving tuition for reward and for the driving instructor to drive. This must be also confirmed in writing by the client’s vehicle insurance company.
The use of the client’s car will be entirely at the client’s own risk. The driving instructor can be in no way be held liable for any accident or damage caused.
There will be no reduction in any lesson fees due to extra responsibility being taken.

  Legal Liabilities
The driving instructor will make every effort to train the client to the highest possible standard; however the client, within accordance with road traffic law, has a legal responsibility for any traffic offences that may occur while they are in charge of the vehicle. Any errors the client may commit, while driving unaccompanied by an instructor either before or after the client passes a driving test will NOT be the responsibility of Aarons Driving School.