Aarons Dri​ving School​​​​​
                                     Tel: 07721 596241

Tution Hours:​

Monday :                                   1100 - 1800
Tuesday - Thursday :         1400 - 1800
Friday:                                        1300 - 1700
Saturday:                                  1000 - 1800
Sunday:                                      1000 - 1800

Lessons outside these times may be available depending on my availability.
" Just wanted to say thank you for the encouragement to keep on and teaching me how to drive all around and making sure that I was test ready before I booked in and inevitably resulted in my passing! "​                                                                                                                Elisha B, Rugeley. 13.01.16

"I considered Aaron to be very proffesional in his approach and would highly recommend."​                                                 Wayne B, Rugeley. 08.04.16

"I would like to say thank you to Aaron for being supportive through the whole time I was learning to drive. His technics are great and I would    recommend Aaron for new learners, so thanks Aaron                                                                                                           Shane H, Cannock 10.08.16

" When I first started driving I was very nervous but, Aaron was very good with his teaching and went at  my pace whilst teaching me. This carried on throughout the duration of my lessons, however he did push me slightly to help me improve my driving. As soon as I was getting more confident, I started   to drive without much direction. When I was leading up to my first test, we kept going over things that I would like too and  he asked me each session     what I would like to work on. Aaron made sure that I was comfortable with everything before going for my test, however I did not pass because I was nervous.
​After failing my first test, Aaron was really supportive and when my lessons started again we continued working hard to see what I had done wrong in    the first test. When it came round to  my second test, I was really confident because we had gone through everything that I went wrong on and I came out second time with a pass.
I would recommend Aaron as a Driving Instructor because he takes things at your pace, however he does  push you slightly if he thinks that you need that slight push"​                                                                                                                                                                      Dannielle B, Rugeley  23.05.17

" Extremely welcoming and friendly. I looked forward to every lesson and learnt a huge amount. I think I was well prepared and put in the perfect        mind set to be able to pass first time"                                                                                                                               Jonathan C, Rugeley  10.07.17