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                                                                                                           Driving Test Information
If you are a learner driver you must take and pass your Theory and Hazard Perception test before you book your Practical Test.
If you already have a driving licence you might not have to take another theory test if you want to start driving a different motor vehicle.
UK licence holders
You will need to take a Theory test if you want a licence for a new category of vehicle, eg if you have a car licence and you want a motorcycle licence you will need to take a theory test.
If you want to upgrade within a vehicle category you may not normally need to take a theory test, eg, if you have a full automatic car licence and you want a manual car licence.
It is the pupils responsibility to make sure that they have the correct licence for the vehicle they are driving. If you are unsure if you will need to take a theory test, then please contact the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) or the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).
The Driving Theory Test

To book your Theory test click on this link : BOOK YOUR THEORY TEST
The first part of the theory test lasts up to 57 minutes, and is a 50 question multi-choice test based around the Highway code and road safety issues.
In order to pass test you will need to score at least 43 questions correctly
Hazard Perception Test
This is the second part of the theory test which is taken after the multi-choice part has been completed. It consists of 14 video clips and is designed to measure your ability to recognize road hazards.
13 of the clips contain a single hazard and 1 contains two hazards.
The pass rate for the Hazard perception test is 44 out of 75. You will need to pass both the multi-choice questions and the hazard awareness test in order to successfully pass the theory test.
The current fee is  £ 23  as of 1st October 2015
Practical Driving test from 4th December 2017

To book your Practical Driving test click on this link:   BOOK YOUR DRIVING TEST

​There will be 4 changes made to the Practical Driving test from this date, the length of driving test will remain the same 40 minutes: ​​

1.      Independant Driving will increase to 20 minute
  • This will be roughly half of the 40 minute test.
  • During this part of the test, you will have to drive without turn by turn directions from the examiner. You will be required to either follow a satelite navigation  device or follow directions from signs.
​2.      Follow directions from a Satelite Navigation System, provided by the Examiner
  • During the Independant driving part of the test, most candidates will be asked to follow directions from a satelitte navigation device. The examiner will provide the device, set up and set the route for you. It won't matter what Sat Nav you practice with.
  • ​You can't follow directions from your own sat nav during the test
  • ​You will be able to ask the examiner for confirmation of where you're going if you're not sure. It won't matter if you go the wrong way unless you make a fault while doing it
  • ​1 in 5 driving tests will not use a sat nav. You'll need to follow the signs instead
​3.      Reversing manoeuvres will be changed
​          The ' reverse around the corner' and ' the turn in the road' manoeuvres will no longer be tested, but you will still be taught by your                                  Instructor
           You will be asked to do 1 of 3 possible reversing manoeuvres:
  • parallel park at the side of the road
  • park in a bay - either driving in and reversing out, or reversing in and driving out ( examiner will tell you which you have to do)
  • ​pull up on the right hand side of the road, reverse for 2 car lengths and then rejoin the line of traffic
4.     Answering a vehicle safety question while driving
        The examiner will ask you 2 vehicle safety questions during your test- these are known as the 'show me, tell me' questions.
​         You'll be asked the:
  • ​'tell me' question ( where you will explain how you'd carry out a saftey task) at the start of your test, before you start driving
  • ​'show me' question (where you show how you'd carry out a task) while driving -e.g. showing how to wash the windscreen using the car controls and wipers.

On the day of the test you can get quite nervous even with the examiner sitting next to you. Try to stay calm and remember, they will not  ask you to do anything out of the ordinary. All they’ll ask you to do is drive around as  you would during a normal lesson. Drive in a calm, thoughtful, business like manner and keep up with the other traffic but, be careful to obey speed limits at all times. If you are unsure about a direction you can immediately seek clarification. Use your observation skills you learnt in your lessons and don’t let other motorists put you under any due pressure. If you realise you are taking the wrong road, do what is safe and continue the turn that you are indicating, it doesn't matter. The Examiner will guide you back to the original route or allow the Sat. Nav to alter the route if you are using it. A sudden change of direction without proper observation and signalling will constitute a serious fault.
The practical test costs £62 on a normal week day or £75 Evenings or over the weekend.

If as a result that you require to book an evening or weekend test  as the test is the only time available to me as your Instructor, I will deduct the the extra £ 13.00 from the Use of Car fee as a gesture of goodwill Only. 
Practical Driving Test Results
There are three types of faults that will be marked:
A dangerous fault – involves actual danger to you, the examiner, or any member of public or property
A serious fault – could potentially be dangerous
A driving fault – not potentially dangerous, but if you make the same fault throughout your test it could become a serious fault
You can make up to 15 driving faults and still pass the test, but 16 or more faults will result in a fail.  If you commit one serious or one dangerous fault you will fail the test. If at any time your examiner considers you to be a danger to other road users your test will be stopped.
Documents Required on the day
1. Your Provisional Photocard Licence
 NOTE: If you have an Old Type paper licence you will also be required to take a Valid Passport . Pupils whom do not have a photo card licence will be able to use a valid UK ID Card that has been issued by IPS as an alternative to a passport (No other form of Photo ID will be accepted)
          ​2. Your Theory Test pass Certificate. ( This is not normally asked for but take as a precaution)
​              3. Your confirmation of your test day and time. ( This may be printed from website or a copy of the email on your smartphone)